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Impulse Club has been running for over 20 years, was formerly the Snow Club and is membership is necessary for all residential alpine camps. We do not, however, insist that Impulse is your first named club.

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There are two types of membership, Full membership for those having Impulse as their 1st named club with their governing body and Associate Membership which does not necessitate having Impulse as first named club. One of these will be necessary to join our alpine residential Camps.

The club was originally formed to help regional racers, who normally skied and raced on plastic slopes in this country, to train and race on snow with coaches they knew. This is still very much the ethos with trainees now on indoor snow as well as plastic.

Impulse Race Club aims to promote and support the racers both at home in the uk and in the alps.

The club works with qualified coaches and is equally able to look after ‘the new racer’ as well as FIS license holders.

‘Our’ trainees have been invited to compete abroad as members of the British Children’s squad. Our members are regularly invited to be members of the English Alpine Squad. Currently there are racers who are either current or past members of Impulse Race Club in our national squads. Impulse Race Club does not just focus on its top performers but also takes a lot of time and care over preparing the newcomer to snow racing. It is a central part of our training to instill good technical foundations in our skiers. Obviously, this makes the training camps beneficial to skiers just wishing to improve their general technique and we have skiers at every training camp who just do this. At each Summer Training Camp, The Club concentrates on the ‘younger’ age group with special development groups, designed to help the inexperienced racer while keeping the process fun.

If requested, our Coaches will produce a written report for the home club Coaches in order to keep them informed of ‘their’ racers progress while away on snow. The Racer will need to tell us where to send the report.

Should any Club Coach wish to attend a training camp, we would be very pleased for them to take part. Over the years, many coaches have participated in running Impulse Race Club Camps. We always encourage Clubs to join in.


MEMBERSHIP runs from Oct to Sept. All Members are asked to sign and agree to our code of conduct.

Any relevant information gathered from the sports governing bodies will will be circulated to all our members.

Impulse Race Team has adopted the SSE Child Welfare Policy.

If you would like any further information on Impulse Race Club, Please contact us