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Terms and Conditions

1 Due to the complexities of organising and running the trainings, bookings will be accepted by Impulse Racing only for the whole period of each training or for certain parts of each training (usually complete weeks), details of which are set out in the information for each training. Participants will be accepted for periods of less than a complete week, but payment must be made for the whole week or such other part of a training as may be applicable.

2 Applications for trainees and for accompanying parents must be made on the application forms provided by Impulse Racing.

3 Deposits, or Full Payment, must be made at the time of requesting training with Impulse Racing. Once your training request has been confirmed by Impulse Racing Payments will not be refunded in the event of cancellation by you. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance.
4 Payment in full must be made by the date stipulated for each training which will be 8 weeks before the start of the training. Any bookings taken within 8 weeks of training camps will require immediate payment in full. Failure to pay in full, by the due date, will result in Cancellation of your booking and the loss of deposit. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance.

5 For each training, a minimum number of people need to book to enable the training to take place. Impulse Racing will assess whether the minimum number has been achieved and inform you as soon as reasonably practicable and usually not less than 4 weeks before departure, if it becomes necessary to cancel a training for this reason. Impulse Racing will refund all sums paid to Impulse Racing in these circumstances, but you will not be entitled to compensation. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance.

6 In the event of curtailment, or of sickness or injury, no refunds will be made to you unless Impulse Racing has obtained a full refund from the relevant service provider(s). It is essential that lift passes are surrendered to Impulse Racing immediately that it becomes apparent that they can no longer be used together with any supporting medical certificate (if not already in Impulse Racing’s possession) that the lift company may require. Similar requirements apply to hire equipment. Refunds cannot be guaranteed as the terms and conditions of the appropriate lift company or other service provider will apply. We strongly recommend you take out cancellation insurance.

7 In the event of cancellation or curtailment or inability to ski because of inclement weather or lack of snow, no refunds will be made to you unless Impulse Racing has obtained a full refund from the relevant service provider(s). In the event of lack of snow, or inclement weather, Impulse Racing will endeavour to re-site the training, however this may result in extra costs which will be passed on to you.

8 Impulse Racing is not equipped to care for trainees with special needs apart from special dietary requirements.

9 Behaviour. If a trainee’s behaviour is such that, in Impulse Racing’s reasonable opinion, training is at risk of being disrupted, another trainee is inconvenienced or the trainee puts the reputation of Impulse Racing in jeopardy, the trainee may be asked to leave the training. If a trainee is found to have been drinking alcohol, taking illegal drugs, stealing, involved in sexual activity or generally displaying antisocial behaviour, the trainee will be asked to leave the training. In these instances, the trainee will be sent home at the expense of the parents, no refund will be made and the cost of any other accommodation and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the trainee concerned (or the trainee’s parents if under 18).

10 Outliers, i.e. trainees who make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, will be accepted subject to availability of places. Impulse Racing will provide outliers with ski/race training on the slopes. Lift passes at the group rate may be purchased by prior arrangement. Outliers will be responsible for their own transport to and from the slopes. In view of difficulties encountered in the past with hoteliers, outliers will only be able to use the accommodation arranged for other participants by Impulse Racing for meals by prior arrangement. Outliers will not be entitled to use such accommodation for other purposes such as ski waxing or eating packed lunches, neither will they be permitted access to resident trainees bedrooms.

11 Occasionally photographs or video of trainees may be used in publicity material relating to Impulse Racing. Accepting these terms and conditions confirms consent to the photographs or video being used. Where possible the name of the trainee will not be used unless Impulse Racing have obtained the consent from the parents/guardians of the trainee.

12 By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Parents/Guardians are authorising Impulse Racing to act in loco parentis, and are agreeing to be bound by the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures of Impulse Racing.

13 Should the pound weaken against the Euro, specifically to a point where £1 is worth less than €1 at the prevailing commercial exchange rate, then Impulse Racing reserve the right to increase the price of your European training course/race support after you have booked. This will be no later than 30 days before the training/race commencement date stipulated and we will forward an amended invoice reflecting any changes made.
14 Payments and liability for costs: Payments owing when booking are shown below:
Booking within 8 weeks of commencement date of camp – Full payment required
Booking outside 8 weeks of commencement date of camp – Deposit required
Cancellation Charges
Cancellation outside 8 weeks of commencement date of camp – Deposit paid
Cancellation within 8 weeks of commencement date of camp – Full payment
We strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance


The aim of this code is to enable all trainees to flourish, feel happy and safe and achieve their full potential in a caring environment. Please remember trainees are participating in a dangerous sport. We understand that certain trainees, in their home environment, may be able to behave differently, but on a training camp run by Impulse Racing it is important for the well-being of all concerned that all trainees adhere to the same Code of Conduct.

1 Trainees of all ages and at all times are not permitted to smoke tobacco, consume alcohol or use any recreational or performance enhancing drugs.

2 Medicinal drugs may only be taken with the full knowledge of the Staff on the Impulse Training.

3 Trainees are not allowed to engage in any sexual activity of any kind.

4 Trainees are not allowed to enter a bedroom belonging to a trainee of the opposite sex at any time.

5 Trainees must not behave in a discriminatory manner.

6 Trainees must not commit physical or mental bullying.

7 Trainees must observe Health and Safety rules and the FIS Skier’s Code.

8 Trainees must strictly observe bed times.

9 Trainees must follow instructions from any member of Staff on the Impulse Training camp.

10 Trainees shall conduct themselves with good manners at all times and bad language will not be used.

11 Trainees must be considerate to others.

12 Trainees are not allowed to leave the hotel/camp without permission from the Staff on the Impulse Training camp. Staff on the Impulse Training camps includes all management staff, house parents and trainers.


The following procedure will be followed if there is any breach of the above Code of Conduct

1 The sanctions, based on the severity of the offence, must be clearly explained to the trainee(s) involved.

A. Verbal warning or alternative task
B. Written warning or telephone call to parents
C. Withdrawal of privileges
D. Sending home at parental expense

2 In the event of a serious breach of the above Code of Conduct a disciplinary hearing will be held as soon as possible after the alleged offence has occurred or comes to the knowledge of the Staff on the Impulse Training and will be attended by the trainee(s) involved either individually or together as appropriate and at least two members of the Staff on the Impulse Training to ensure the correct gender mix. Any witnesses will be heard separately, if appropriate.

3 A parent/guardian of the trainee(s) will be contacted and informed if it is feasible or practical but the confidentiality of trainees of 16 and over will be respected.

4 A written record of the Disciplinary hearing and the sanctions imposed will be kept and signed by the Staff on the Impulse Training.

I am aware that I am an ambassador for my family and my country and have read the Impulse Racing Code of Conduct. My parents/guardian, by accepting the Terms and Conditions of Impulse Racing agree to abide by them. I understand the Disciplinary Procedure and the Sanctions which will be imposed in the event of a breach of conduct.