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Weekend Camps at Landgraaf



Over the Summer Impulse Racing will run training at the SnowWorld complex in Landgraaf, Holland which has 2 slopes over 500m long (one of which has been used for Europa cup racing), a funpark, and even a Log cabin on the slope for refreshments!

See our video from one of our training weekends

Training will be over the weekend Slalom Technical and gate training. Video sessions will be used during the camp, to help athletes see what they are doing well and identify areas for improvement.

The Camps run as a training only package with trainees booking their accommodation and pass direct with Snowworld. There are other options for accommodation. For transport, we will be taking out a vehicle and, if numbers permit, can take a minibus. All transport costs will be split amongst the driver/passengers.


Hotel Accommodation is in the Landgraaf complex.

Landgraaf Hotel Complex
One of the rooms at Landgraaf is shown above.

We will be traveling back to the UK after training on the last afternoon.

Travelling – this is usually done by car sharing and splitting the costs.

Training is also available at a daily rate should you wish to train for less days (slope fees are in addition to this)


How to find the slope

The address and location of the Landgraaf slope is shown below:

Snowworld Landgraaf
Witte Wereld 1
6372 VG Landgraaf

Clink on Google Maps for location information.