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Build the skier, Create the racer

“An absolutely enormous thank you for organising such a brilliant trip to Les Houches and all the training through the Autumn and winter before hand. I can not start to imagine the hours and stress entailed with organising so many children (and parents!) over so many months and have everyone in the right place, at the right time, in the correct kit for the eventual races. We were also so impressed by the standard of skiing by the  students at such a prestigious event. We also noted their behaviour, friendliness and their impressively high team spirit and encouragement to each other. They should all be very proud of themselves. We would also like to thank Phil Brown and his brilliant team of coaches. Thomas and Sophie have improved enormously with their coaching, support and encouragement. Thomas has gained a great deal from the training and ski trip; He is not the keenest of rugby and cricket players and so for Thomas to be given the opportunity to represent his school at skiing has been enormously important to him.” – Parent of a child training with one of the schools on our BISS Racing programme